Welcome to Healthier By Design Weight Loss! My name is Linda Meacham and I have been a Registered Nurse for 30+ years. Over this time I have watched my patients grow sicker and sicker because of the food they eat and lifestyles they lead. My health also declined for the same reasons, then I suffered a disabling back injury. This ultimately lead to my own health transformation and becoming a certified Ideal Protein health coach.

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People continue to develop chronic conditions such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and metabolically damaging fat around their waists at alarming rates. Traditional medical professionals are not trained or literally don’t have the capacity (with all their growing demands to do more with less) to help patients develop healthier lifestyles.

There are many complex factors driving obesity and diabetes rates to double and triple over the last 20 years. Our society has literally become addicted to sugary, processed foods. We are often misguided to believe many of these foods are staples of a healthy diet.

Ideal Protein Sarasota Testimonial
Linda and Doug lost over 80 lbs on Ideal Protein and have kept it off!

Of course this drives an industry all too willing to take advantage and sell the latest lose weight fast scheme, in some cases even professionals are selling unsafe, unproven weight loss methods that don’t lead to any long-term changes.

While large healthcare systems focus on the seemingly more profitable surgical interventions, a small but growing number of health care professionals are focused on less drastic yet equally as effective food and behavior-based approaches.

A few years ago I tried a program that sounded like a simple plan with a lot of support, using whole foods plus protein-based partial meal replacements, called the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. I lost 45 lbs very fast and more importantly I felt better than I had in a long-time. It was actually easy… just stick to the plan and you know the result you will get. Plus, it included very helpful coaching and so much great education along the way. Once I hit my weight objective, I better understood how to stay on track and had the continued support of my coach.

I was so excited about what Ideal Protein did for me, that I wanted to help others be successful with the program as well. For three years I helped hundreds of patients make incredible health transformations as a health coach in Ohio. Then, my Husband Doug (who also lost 40 lbs on Ideal Protein!) and I decided we were ready for a change and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL, where we opened up our own weight loss and healthy lifestyle clinic.

Our mission is to not only help as many people as we can ‘design’ their healthiest lives, but to give them a first class experience and a partner they can count on to keep them on track long-term.

Learn the secrets of our approach to weight loss >>